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Excerpts from the Manual

Self-Care With Flair

A practical guide to teaching self-care skills to children through pictures and rhymes. The skills in Self-Care with Flair! are arranged in manageable steps - a uniform, step-by-step approach designed to help the child achieve incremental successes. All skills are presented in a rhyming format to help maintain the child's attention and retention while making it fun. All self-care skills are accompanied by a list of pre-requisite hand skills. Also included are useful "tips" to make the learning experience more successful.


Dressing Skills

pants on/off • putting on/removing a shirt • tying shoelaces • coat on/off • zipping/unzipping • and more


Grooming Skills

wash/dry face • wash/dry hands • brushing teeth
flossing teeth • brushing long hair • combing short hair


Toilet Training Skills

urination boys: sitting/standing/urinal at school •
urination girls: wearing pants/dress • bowel movement


Eating Skills

using a fork • spreading with a knife • cutting a sandwich • pouring from a pitcher • and many more


Prerequisite Skills

the power of sensation, strength & precision • forearm strengthening activities • and many more