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An Overview of Self-Care with Flair!

Visual Cues

learn from visual cues such as pictures

The pictures in Self-Care with Flair! provide clear communication to the child, guiding him/her through the correct sequence of the activity. Each skill can be printed, made into a booklet, or shown on a computer as a story.

Simple Steps

learn complex skills as a chain of steps

Self-Care with Flair! breaks down complex skills into simple steps that are consistent between home, school and the therapy clinic. This uniform approach encourages mastery within a short period of time.

Playful Rhymes

trigger the brain to sustain attention longer

Brain-based research indicates that successful learning occurs when teaching incorporates a multi-sensory approach. A combination of auditory, visual and tactile cues reinforces retention. Self-care skills become fun to learn with playful rhymes and easy to follow pictures.